Sharon Tube

Sharon Tube Company

Mailing Address: 20 Church St, Wheatland, PA 16161

Phone: (800) 245-8115, Fax: (724) 981-2561                


Inside Sales: Tina Grabigel,,
(800) 245-8115 x 2523, Fax: (724) 983-1461


Sharon Tube’s Mechanical Tubing Division continues to be on the leading edge of manufacturing and is recognized industry-wide as a premier producer of cold drawn, mechanical tubing products. Our drawn-over-mandrel mechanical tubing is available in .500” OD to 9.00” OD with walls ranging from .083” to .500”. Sharon Tube’s recent capital investment program has enabled us to make significant improvements in our Cold Draw departments. The installation of a new 200,000 lb. draw bench will further expand our existing D.O.M. capabilities.