History / About Us

Newesco Metal and Tube was founded in 1969 by the legendary Ron Downie.  His commitment to his customers and his mills is unparalleled in the industry and he went to great lengths to instill this commitment in his employees.  His realization that a manufacturer’s rep works not only for the mills but for the customers as well is what still drives Newesco today.  He quickly discovered that the rep must be willing to work for both parties of any given inquiry in order to make a sale happen.  Our mills appreciate all the traveling and marketing we do for them and are willing to go the extra mile for the quotes Newesco brings in.  This unique relationship with the mill allows Newesco to get the best possible service from the mill.  Our customers seek our participation because they recognize the value Newesco can add to any given inquiry, quote and transaction.

We strive to make it as easy as possible for buyers to make one inquiry and feel confident they are getting the best combination of price, delivery and product.  Buyers can be more efficient when they don’t feel the need to shop every inquiry.  In a word, Newesco’s mills get it: make a good product, give a good price and, above all, get it there when promised.  The best price in the world doesn’t mean a thing if the delivery doesn’t arrive on time.

The steel industry lost one of its greatest characters in 1993 when Ron Downie passed away.  One of his protégés, Ed Hilscher, then took the reins of Newesco and guided it with the same zeal and philosophy Ron had instilled in him.  Ed, too, understood the value Newesco provides to both our customers and our mills and continued to work hard to earn the respect of the industry by honoring this great responsibility. 

This recognition of our unique role in the metals industry lives on in Newesco’s current owner, Robert Kvithammer.  Bob has been working for Newesco since 1989 and received his introduction to the metals industry from Ron Downie himself.  After the passing of Ron, Ed and Bob worked hard to maintain and expand the customer and mill relationships that Ron had established.  Bob bought Newesco in January of 2001 and has carried on the fine tradition of service to both our customers and mills.  Our mills appreciate the fact that we visit our customers often and our customers appreciate that Bob is always reachable.  His laptop and smartphone are his constant companions.